…I woke up this morning at around 08:00(such an ungodly hour for me, 10:00 is my time…), with an incredibly sore throat, so I have this discomfort down my throat… Any way that’s besides what I am writing this for, just thought I would let you know, (like you care!)


     Being a novice at this blogging stuff, I have to work my head real to get what to write about, see, unlike you I always have writers block… (Probably because the Television has eaten up what used to be my brain)

      So today…uhmmm…mhhh…i will …huh…talk about Mondays…Yeah that bloody day, or that f*****g day, damned day, crappy day…it’s the most cursed day in the history of the day’s of the week.


       It comes after a weekend of rest, merrymaking and Love m****g(.huh.you get the drift!), then you have to wake up to face that boss that you secretly harbor murderous feelings for… in my primary days I was in day school, so my mother always dragged me out of my sweet puberty driven dreams at 6:30am(and that’s when the dream’s getting steamy), I was under the impression that some long bearded greek oldman had come up with this education business, so the poor old dead and gone guy suffered my awful thoughts towards him. In my senior school days, I cursed Monday’s because that meant the blasted mathematics teacher would be in class that morning, meaning one thing for me and my behind….bloody canes….


       Twenty four years later, I still hate Mondays. I belong to the unemployed class of Ugandans so when we are not looking down in disdain at the employed class on a Monday, we are busy trying to contend with the boring T.V shows. Monday’s are the most boring days in the history of television so I am switching between CNN, Aljazeera and all those other stations that are making money off reporting tragedies all over the world….


       At this point I have to go coz it’s a Monday and I have to wash the dishes from last night’s dinner and breakfast this morning coz every Monday morning the rule says I should be washing them dishes, and they got me to write this piece (not good I know) and the fact that Cindy Lauper’s song ‘Manic Monday’ is playing on my computer

ps(i wrote this yesterday but i have bug to contend with)